Virtual Admin

Working as an Office Administrator for almost a decade for small businesses wearing many hats and covering many facets has given me the experience and skills to support and run a company single handed.
I understand the importance of building a cordial relationship with clients and vendors to run a business successfully. Good customer service, follow up to ensure customer satisfaction and feedback, telephone manners, responding to the inquires in a courteous professional and efficient manner, placing and tracking orders on time, updating, selecting and hiring contract employees for projects is something I learnt in my early years of managing the office as an Office Administrator for a small business. I have been involved in almost every aspect of a project. Starting from the preliminary stages of researching appropriate product and services, pricing, preparing quotations, planning assignments, scheduling, service calls for major or minor issues related to the project, client or vendors.

Being articulate and strong organizational skills are part of my personality. I’m persistent, focused, committed and have highly developed integrity and a knack to follow up on details promptly. I’m resourceful and able to multitask effectively and independently.

Being web/tech savvy comes naturally to me and I’m immensely comfortable with the new technology. I’m at ease working with different operating systems and browsers and keep myself up to date in the tech world. All this and working independently has led me to work as a Remote Office Administrator and as a Virtual Assistant. I can cover independently all aspects of a business remotely from Administration to Bookkeeping, Online Marketing to Social Media and Website Design.

My virtual services are time and cost effective for any business that requires remote assistance. As an Office Administrator I can also assist occasionally onsite with your daily business operational needs.

I’m familiar and work with Simply Accounting and QuickBooks. I have experience in on time invoicing A/P, A/R, bank reconciliations, payroll, tracking and reporting. All this is valuable for any business that requires an efficient system to balance their books.